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Owns over 30 years production experience and technology support HO YA is a professional export company specializing in knock Down furniture.

Our Knock Down furniture offer is including Ergonomic Chair, Kneeling Chair, Kid’s Chair, TV Stand, Bar Stool, Bar Table, Kitchen Trolley, Computer Desk and so on by both steel and wood material.  Especially, Ergonomic Kneeling Chair is our top sales item for decades already no matter it’s promoted by trading companies in cooperation for a long time or by ourselves. 

To be the direct export company HOYA offer direct & speedy service for worldwide buyers and our main market is Japan, Australia, USA, Peru and Europe.  We always keep creating new models to meet the market demand.  Welcome OEM & ODM!

Kneeling Chair

     Kneeling Chair is one of our main products. We produce various types Kneeling Chair including metal series & wooden series. Running SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) standard in all production line to ensure the stable quality.

     Kneeling Chairs create good posture which improves health. The kneeling chair/ ergonomic chair places your body comfortably and naturally into the correct ergonomic position to alleviate pressure on the neck, shoulders and lumbar spine. This kneeling posture enables you to promote the health of your spine, and reduces pain. If started at an early age it can dramatically reduce the damage caused by incorrect posture that we can develop from using a standard chair.

     Kneeling chairs have often been called "Posture" chairs. This is due to their unique design, which encourages good posture.  You may curious what the chair it is and how to seat comfortably without back support?  The key point is the posture--kneeling position which alleviates the need for a back. Primary support comes from the seat; additional support is sustained through your shins and the result is an ergonomically positive position that can be sustained throughout your busy work day.

     Open up the angle between the thigh and the torso, making it easier to retain the natural curvature of the spine.  It changes the stress distribution of the human body in comparison with the sitting position of an ordinary chair. Because the angle of the hip joint is between that of sitting and standing, it allows the spine to be in a more "neutral," or middle-of-range, position. Because the knees are lower than the pelvis, the normal curve is restored to the lower spine, which reduces stress to the lower lumbar vertebrae.

Please Note:    Kneeling chairs are not for all people. If you have a history of poor circulation in the legs,         problems with balance or knee problems this type of chair is not recommended.

The Spine

Sitting on a traditional chair tilts your pelvis backward and results the shoulders being thrown forward. For the posture, you have to use muscles to support your lumbar spine even you sit up straight.  Additionally, your shoulder muscles have to carry much of head's weight since your head past the vertical.  Without ergonomic position you will feel tired easy during the work day specially your neck and waist.


Seating on an kneeling chair tilts your pelvis forward in the same way that standing does.
Your spine is held erect by your skeleton and the tendons and ligaments involved; not your muscles.  Additionally, by transferring your weight to your shins the compression in your lower spine is reduced by over one third.  Head held directly and is balanced on your skeleton.  by nature ergonomic position the neck and waist won't get tired easy and can help to relieve back pain.


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Owning over 30 years manufacture experience in metal product in TAIWAN we train a group of professional industrial partners by the long-term management basically. Under the division of labor and cooperation we complete many orders from different countries worldwide. For an example of popular industrial technology in Taiwan from black-and-white television to LCD screen production, we also own professional manufacture technolgoy in each production procedure. Welcome OEM, ODM and any inqurie we service sincerely. Doctor of Boiler scale